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Fox Rocker Q&A

103.9 The Fox is proud to announce a partnership with CRYSTAL LAKE BREWING in creation of FOX ROCKER!

What is Fox Rocker? It’s the newest core beer from Crystal Lake Brewing, brewed just for you, The Fox listener!  It’s an American Red Ale with a 5.5% ABV.  CLICK HERE for info!

Did you really help make it?  First batch, yep!  But we’ve got a radio station to run so the capable hands of Ryan Clooney and the award-winning brewers at Crystal Lake Brewing are much better from now on (see the VIDEO below).

Do you all drink it?    HELL YEAH we do, and so should you!  Show us your cans (of Fox Rocker) by sharing pics of you drinking Fox Rocker on our FACEBOOK, TWITTER, & INSTAGRAM (don’t forget to tag us).

Where can I get it?  Hundreds of locations all across Chicagoland, on draft in bars and restaurants, and in 6-packs in grocery, liquor, & beer stores.

What is 1pet1vet?  They are a 501(c)3 charity that assists Veterans by providing emotional support, and service dogs as well as training these animals to aid the Veterans in living a more complete and fulfilling life.  Check them out by CLICKING HERE!




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